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We’re building a community of creators, writers, designers, artists, thinkers, dreamers, and changemakers who have the skills and knowhow to shape the future into something that works for everyone.

Everything on this site is based on two fundamental beliefs: that everyone should have access to the tools and skills necessary to thrive in the coming years and that learning about these topics should be open, accessible, exciting, empowering, and fun.

If you’re after a serious, straightlaced approach to the intricacies of artificial intelligence, then this website may not be what you’re looking for and that’s cool #nohardfeelings.

If, however, you’re looking for a high-quality, down-to-earth, and no-nonsense guide to this crazy new world of 🧠 artificial 🧠 intelligence 🧠 then you may have just found one of your new favorite spots on the net.

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Who am I?

Hey 👋 I’m Gabrielle, the creator of Elle Knows Machines.

Starting without a background in either computer science or math, I’ve made myself into a data slinging, machine wrangling, Python charming, artificial intelligence designer.

Although I now spend my time working with machine learning algorithms, I started from square one with absolutely no computer science – the last time I’d taken a math class was in high school. Still, I decided it was time to embrace this brave new world and equip myself with the most useful future skills.

Along the way, I decided to document my journey, filling in the blanks, learning from my mistakes, and in doing so, began to create a resource that could help other like-minded people to become AI and data science superstars.

There is still so much left to learn, but in teaching myself how to code, how to understand and prepare data, and how to write machine learning algorithms, I discovered an amazingly exciting world that I can’t wait to share with you.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here 🤗