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What Is Data Science?

Data science is one of the most sought after job skills right now, with demand far outstripping supply – which is a pretty sweet place to be for those who’ve gained the skills needed to be a data scientist, imo. If you’re looking to get started, read on to find out what data science really means and why its all the rage right now.

What is Robotics?

It might come as a surprise then to find out that current advances in robotics are now gathering pace to such an extent that science fiction is beginning to become science fact. Robotics is rapidly moving out of the factory floor and into the real world. In fact, it’s likely that we’re just a matter of years away from an increasing presence of robotic devices and automated semi-intelligent machines in our workplaces, on our streets, and even in our homes.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Over the past few years the adoption of ‘the cloud’ has exploded, making cloud computing a big deal and as developments in the field advance it’s likely to revolutionize computing as we know it. From cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and OneDrive, to cloud-based streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, the cloud is now everywhere.

What Is Big Data?

Fact: we are now surrounded by more information than ever before. As billions of people create data and even more devices sense, capture, interpret, and communicate this information, the era of big data is set to get exponentially bigger as the world’s population grows, society becomes more connected, and…